Vanessa Joosen

This project is led by Vanessa Joosen, professor of English literature and children’s literature.

Emma-Louise Silva

Emma-Louise Silva is a postdoctoral researcher. She is conducting research on story analysis by means of cognitive narratology.

Frauke Pauwels

Frauke Pauwels is a postdoctoral researcher. She studies the impact of age in adaptations of children’s books in the corpus.

Lindsey Geybels

Lindsey Geybels is a PhD student. She researches the impact of the age of the target audience by means of digital methods and story analyses.

Leander Duthoy

Leander Duthoy is a PhD student. He analyses the impact of the age of readers by interviewing people of different ages.

Wouter Haverals

The postdoctoral researcher Wouter Haverals joined us for a year to set up the digital analyses.

Michelle Anya Anjirbag

Michelle Anya Anjirbag completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge and joined for six months the CAFYR project as a postdoctoral researcher, where she does research on film adaptations.

Andrea Davidson

Andrea Davidson is a postdoctoral researcher. She uses methods of literary genetic criticism to research age in the creation process and film adaptations of literary texts. She also writes poetry for young readers.

Yu Peng

Yu Peng is writing her PhD on Chinese children’s literature at the University of Lanzhou and joined the CAFYR project for one year as a visiting scholar. She has also written several children’s books herself.

Lien Claeys

Lien Claeys is a research assistent. She studies the construction of age in adaptations of children’s books in the corpus with a focus on queer narratives.

Many thanks to

all who supported CAFYR: Lore De Greve (research assistant), Lien Goris (research assistant), Loren Verreyen, Olga van der Burgh, students of the courses Digital Text Analysis (2018-19), Constructing Age (2019-20) and Children’s Literature (2019-20), all interns (Marloes Van Damme, Sofie Verbiest, Emily Mariën, Ceylan Kuluclu, Zoë Sierens, Silke Van Beem, Jozefien Janssens, Lilith Khandakaryan, Shi En Miao, Jessica Van Tendeloo, Miet Baelen, Cédrique Caethoven, Nathan Borms, Lotte Huyge, Inge Wijns, Yaren Su Aydin, Nuray Tuhran, Mariska van den Hove, Betül Gaye Dinç, Devon Lea Arthur, Sadia Zafrin Lea, Eva Roels, Lien Claeys, Anne Marie Knobloch, Merel Vanegeren, Myrte Trioen) and all volunteers who edited Dutch and English texts.


Our research is funded by means of a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant.

The project runs from 2018 to 2024.