Would you like to participate in this research?

You can contribute to our research in different ways.


You can apply to be a candidate for the subproject “the age of the reader”. We are looking for people of all ages older than 8. For this part of the research, candidates of different ages are asked to read a children’s book. They are then interviewed. Some candidates are invited for a follow-up discussion about the book with people of other ages.

Mail to cafyr@uantwerpen.be and mention your age and your contact details.


You can help us to correct digitized children’s books in English and Dutch. When scanning the texts, minor errors occur that you could help to correct. To do so, you make use of Word. 

Mail to cafyr@uantwerpen.be with your contact details. Please also mention your choice of language (Dutch or English).


Experienced readers can help us annotate children’s books. In order to do this, you will need a computer, a good internet connection and basic skills when it comes to downloading and sending files. We will provide you with a manual, a short tutorial, and a digital children’s book. Then you can get started. We will ask you to annotate information in that children’s book, such as names of speakers for example, and we will also ask you to assign pronouns to the right characters.

Mail to cafyr@uantwerpen.be and make a note of which computer programmes you can work with, along with your contact details.

Thank you so much!
We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.