For her part of the CAFYR research project, Vanessa Joosen conducted a series of interviews with several authors from our corpus. The focal point of these conversations is the interrelationship between the ageing process of authors and the the way in which they construct age within their stories. While some authors report to rely on personal memories of childhood as a foundation for the portrayal of juvenile characters, others derive inspiration from their immediate world and the children who inhabit it. Other questions pertain to the dynamic between authors and their readers as well as the capacity in which they adapt their texts when writing for readers of different ages.

Some authors gave us permission to publish the full interview, others felt more comfortable selecting a few quotes. Regardless of their choice, all the transcripts you can find here contain interesting insights into their writing.

David Almond

David Almond is a British author who has written picture books, plays, songs and novels for children, young adults and adults.

Anne Fine

Anne Fine is an English author best known for her books for children of all ages but is also lauded for her adult novels.

Ed Franck

Ed Franck is a Flemish author of books for children of different ages and who has explored a wide variety of genres.

Bart Moeyaert

Winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2019, Flemish author Bart Moeyaert has written books for children of all ages.

Aline Sax

Flemish author Aline Sax started writing historical novels for older children and young adults when she was fifteen years old.

Edward van de Vendel

Edward van de Vendel is a Dutch author of poetry, song, picture books, non-fiction books and novels for children of all ages.

Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen is a Dutch author of children’s and adult fiction as well as an illustrator, poet and performer who moved to Flanders as a child.

Hilde Vandermeeren

Flemish author Hilde Vandermeeren writes novels for children of all ages, specialising in mystery and psychological thrillers for adults.

Jacqueline Wilson

English author Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books for children of all ages in her career which spans more than 50 years.

Anna Woltz

Anna Woltz is a Dutch author of novels for children and young adults whose debut novel was published when she was 17.